Which Radeon HD and when??

I am in the market for a GPU and so far, ATI, so I've been told, is the best to look at, unless I have the $$ to buy a GTX 28x or 295, and I don't. I was looking at a Radeon 5770, and factoring in drivers that will undoubtedly be improved, along with a new PSU, should I be able to play NFS Shift, and maybe GTAIV at Medium-High settings on my computer (specs in sig.)?

Should I wait until Newegg gets HD 58xx cards back in stock and wait until Black Friday? Would a 5850 be something worth waiting for? Or should I look for a 4890? I like that the 5770 has DX11, and that is one of the main selling points for me.

Any other suggestions i would be open to!
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    The 5770 should slaughter GTAIV, NFS: Shift should be maxed out easy.
    For GTAIV & NFS: Shift the 5770 is a good buy.
  2. ok, so what GPU should I be looking for, at $60-80?
  3. At $60-80 I would get a 4670, if you can find a 4850 that's cheap enough go for that.
  4. haha sorry, I will go with the 5770, what I meant to ask was PSU, haha all these acronyms confuse me!
  5. GTAIV is a mostly CPU bound game, and will not get a huge FPS boost from a new GPU, though it may allow for higher level of effects at the same FPS. The bigger issue for that game is the CPU, and your Phenom 9500 x4 will definitely be the limitting factor in your FPS in GTAIV.

    I am not aware of NFS: Shift, but unless it is a super shoddy console port like GTAIV, a new card above an ATI 4650, or 9600GSO would play it just fine with decent settings.

    For 60-80 dollars get a 4670 512mb DDR3. There is no better card for the price, and it uses very little power, easy to get by on with most OEM 300w PSUs.
  6. If you are looking for decent performance at current games, you should consider a 4890. Don't bother with DX11, they will run just fine on current and older cards.
  7. Doh haha:
    550w antec PSU for $65, headroom for future upgrades like a new CPU and stronger GPU in the future, if desired:

    Or if you just want a solid PSU for this computer, to hell with future upgrades, a 400w Corsair for $50 (40 after MIR) would have no problem to run your box with a new GPU:
  8. If the dude desires DX11, then a 5750/70 would be the best fit with that CPU.
  9. ok, so I will go with the 5770, and probably a 500ish Watt PSU.

    If anyone here knows even a little bit about overclocking, I would like to direct you to my other thread about my CPU, found here
  10. When it comes to your CPU and OC, the responses have been fairly consistent. Your best bet, in the long run, would be a new CPU, cheap Phenoms like AMD 550x2 or 720x3 would be good, but you could save some dough and still get a competant CPU in the Athlon II line, like a 435 x3, or 630x4, both chips under $100.

    The problem is, that without knowing what the specific Mobo is, you can't know for sure if it will support AM3. I was under the impression that all AM2+ Mobos can support AM3, but I can't claim that for a fact. The 9500 is an AM2+ cpu, so we know the motherboard supports those.

    Download CPU-Z, install, and then run it. Look under the "Mainboard" tab, and tell us the model and manufacturer of your Mobo as it shows up in there. We can go from there to check CPU compatability.
  11. for nfs shift, you can basically run a dual core @ 2.5ghz with 2gb ram and a 4850 512mb and max it out of 1680x1080 4xaa + 16xaf
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