Help for choosing a ram

hello i want to choose a ram for my pc and i need your help

mother board:GA-EX58-UD3R

I want this pc for gaming and i like to have the maximum details in 1920*1080 during games

i think about KINGSTON-TRIPLE CHANNEL 3GIG-2000 (3*1GIG)

what is your idea?do you have a better suggestion? i have a good cpu but i want to know which ram will help me to get the best preformance and system speed.

thank you so much
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  1. Read this TH article. Then get a brand-name 1600MHz triple channel (8 or 9 latency) that doesn't need more than 1.6V. 6GB (3x2) if you are going to use a 64-bit OS, or 3GB (3x1) if you are going to use a 32-bit OS.
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