Need an ATI Radeon 9800GT replacement

I have a Radeon 9800GT that needs replacement. Looking for some gaming performance. I know that AGP is on its way out but I don't want to upgrade computer or motherboard (this is a second computer). Should I get another 9800GT (on ebay about $55) or what would be a better, newer ATI replacement?

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  1. You mean 9800XT? Is it an ATI or Nvidia?

    ATI = 9800XT
    Nvidia = 9800GT

    But if its an AGP card its an ATI 9800XT.

    What cpu do you have? List your current hardware configuration...
  2. Oops, sorry it is a ATI 9800XT. Computer was fast in its day in 2004 and has been acceptable even today (playing FPS and online games). It is a Dell XPS with Pentium 4, 3.2 I believe. The 9800XT was OEM when I purchased the computer. The monitor started showing red and green dots all over and I believe it was caused by dust. I blew all the dust out but the problem remains. I think the heat killed the ATI card.

    Thank you!
  3. Should have added that it has 4GB of memory. I have been running in 1600X1200 and it works fine (except for the dots now).
  4. Yeah it sounds dead. I would consider this:

    It will be way better than the card you had...
  5. The HD3870 is the fastest AGP card... I think... if you can find one...
  6. Thanks fot the input. I ended up with a Diamond HD4650 512mb DDR3. I guess the 4650's are moving from DDR3 to DDR2 but I found a DDR3 at Fry's for $79 after a $20 rebate. This DDR3 was marked the same price as the DDR2's they had on the shelf.
  7. How do you like it?
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