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Hello and thanks for looking into this post.

How does one share a few movies over the internet?

For example I have the movie "X-Men" on my computer. My brother lives on Michigan State University campus 700 miles from where I live. Is it possible for me to share my movie with him? -For free?
I initially thought of an FTP server, but i decided I didn't have enough knowledge of them to proceed. I don't even know if they are free or not.

Please if you have any suggestions or ideas, feel free to reply.

Win XP
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  1. Though it would take you a very long time, you can share files via MSN or AIM.

    You can also share files via a site like rapidshare.

    Unless you have a lot of upload bandwidth, probably don't want to share big files.
  2. Good point. I've thought of those alternatives. However, I would like to have movies stored on an External hardrive be accessible to me or him or other members of our family to either download or stream.
    Do you know any information on an FTP network? Is it free to set one up? Would this work for holding movies?
    Thanks again for the reply.
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