2 x HD4650 512mb DDR2's or HD4670 1gb DDR3?

Hi everyone,

I'm really, really new to this, but have been going through your site now for some time looking for advice (and finding plenty - thanks :) ) on what components to use for my new build.

So, for a couple of months I've been collecting parts in order to build my first 'home built' PC. :)

List is as follows so far;

MA790X-UD4P Mobo
AMD Phenom II x4 B.E 955 3.2
4gb OCZ DDR2 1333 Reaper Ram
LG Bluray/HD DVD rom
Xigmatec S1283 CPU cooler
Antec 750w P/S
500Gb HDD
Antec P193 case

and some other minor peripheral stuff....

My question is, for the best 'all round' performance, and given my list of goodies so far, what Graphics card should I go for? Initially, I was going to use the crossfire compatibility of the mobo and go for 2 x ATI HD4650 512mb DDR2 cards (my rationale - i thought that because the mobo is DDR2 the Vid card had to be also :whistle: )

Anyway, now i'm thinking that it might be a better idea to go for a HIS ATI 4670 1gig DDR3 card instead...??? (What do you think) Or, what would be the nett result of running 2 of these as opposed to one?

I know this might upset some of you, but I'm only doing this to have a play... I want to learn, like - what I can, and how to overclock, and to what limits, but mainly just the basics so that the next time my PC tech is not available I've got half a chance of fixing it myself. :sol:

Regardless, this PC will rarely see any serious use. I will play games from time to time, but I don't have the time to do that often - in fact, for the most part it will be a media centre. In any case though, the display is a 65inch 1080P LCD and, if what I understand from the threads I've read is correct, the bigger the screen, the better the card has to be? If it makes any difference, the signal is sent to an ONKYO TXNR906 for audio and video upscaling....(??)

The wealth of knowledge on this forum astounds me, and I'm keen for your recommendations :) (i hope my questions made sense!)

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  1. Grats on the new build.

    I'd save up on the graphics card just a bit there. That way you can have a decent machine that will last you awhile.

    However, I would go with the HD4670. You can CF another one later, and it gives good performance.
  2. For mainly a media center with some minor gaming, the 4670 will do great. I would suggest a DDR3 one also.
  3. Thanks... I ended up going with a XFX 5770 :)
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