Sapphire 5850 windows 7 areo graphics/gaming graphics score of 1.0

so after running windows expierence index the results were interesting:
heres what it said:

CPU: 4.7
RAM: 5.5
Graphics: 1.0 why?!?!?
Gaming Graphics: 1.0 why?
Primary Hard Disk: 6.6

heres my system:
cpu: i7 920 (stock speeds for now)
ram: 6gb OCZ ram
gpu: sapphire 5850
HDD: the one that 7 is on now is a 1 TB seagate, and 1 640 gb wd black (getting another one)

now could my graphics score be that low because right now im running Win 7 with VMware player? (my 2nd WD black hard drive hasnt come yet, doing a raid config once it arrives) and also the drivers from ati failed to install, i opened the error log and it didnt say anything, odd..
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  1. Install drivers? Does it run games fine? Because windows experience doesn't really mean anything. Are you running win7 INSIDE the vm or is it the host? If it's the host it shouldn't affect it.
  2. i guess inside it? im using VMware player, drivers failed to install for some reason
  3. So...what's host OS?
  4. You're using VMware player? No wonder - as far as I know, that doesn't support your graphics card within the virtualized environment.
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