[Gigabyte] Help with GIGABYTE X58A-UD3R - LOUD and SCREWY

Hello Guys!

I'll make it short and simple-


1. after installing various installs of operating systems (windows and hackintosh) I have restarted the computer many times, but one restart my computer didn't turn on. the fan or hdd would be really loud for like 2-3 seconds, and then shut off, and then it will do it again and finally post up. what's weird is that a red pop message came out saying that it didnt start because I have overclocked it, which i didnt! but now when I restart my computer, the start up screen will show 2.93 ghz when it is suppose to be 2.80

I have a intel i7 930 @ stock speed 2.8. In windows, it gives me the correct speed, but i am really anal that my motherboard at load up screen shows me 2.93 which makes me think the motherboard is screwy now.

2. for those of you who have the same motherboard, when you first turn on your computer is it really loud? like the fan or your hdd is like spinning really fast or something for 2-3 seconds (maybe 4 seconds) until it finally shows something on the screen?

I have:

Intel i7 930
Gigabyte x58a-ud35
corsair ddr3 1600MHZ 6gb
WD750GB Black
bfg 8800gt

any help is appreciated.!
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  1. did you try entering bios and loading optimized defaults? anyway, you can always enter bios and set the multiplier so that it would show the original 2.80.
    i have an i5 650 and having same issue (3.33 instead of 3.20)...
  2. yes, i loaded fail safe defaults and optimized defaults and in bios setup, it recognizes at 2.80 (133x 21)

    but at load up screen (where the energy saver) it still shows 2.93 ghz. kinda pisses me and makes me think the whole thing went screwy after so many power downs/ons.

    also its slow to go to the windows loading screen. when its verifying the data pool or whatever, sometimes its like 4-5 seconds....
  3. I've heard the noise complaint, (my guess - you have a rev 1.0 board?) and believe it's fixed by BIOS F5...

    As for the 'parameter peculiarities', this is going to sound impossible, but again - a guess - you have an incompatible USB device plugged in, and it's 'semi-corrupted' your CMOS... Read the USB Woes section of the 'sticky', and perform the 'breaking a loop' procedure under 'Boot Loops', and you should be good...
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