Air Cooling for Rosewill Challenger

I am looking for an air cooling solution for my Rosewill Challenger case. I would like air cooling because I do not want to use one of my exhaust fans for a water cooling system such as a Corsair H60. I was wondering what would fit that would not hinder my ram selection too much. I was also wondering if I need to choose some low profile ram what would be a good choice. I intend to do some mild overclocking on an i7 2600k.
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    The CM 212+ fits in the Challenger.
    Don't buy Corsair Vengeance ram if you plan on using all dimms.
    Buy the LP version or something else.
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  3. I have the Xigmatek Dark Knight II:

    I also have the Challenger, and it fits (4x4) 16GB of Corsair Vengeance RAM

    Keeps my CPU temps at 60c @ 4.5 GHz on full load.
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