Radeon 4870 or Geforce 260 GTX ??


I'm looking to upgrade my graphics card from a Nvidia 8800 GTX to either a Geforce 260 GTX or a Radeon 4870 - My system can not handle anything higher. Any suggestions on what is the better card?
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  1. this will ilicit flames from both sides of the fanboy territories...

    tbh though, both cards have very similar performance. its best to look at the games you will be playing most. if you playu games that favour nvidia card, go that route. and vice versa.

    personally, i would go for the 4870 since from my own research and experience its the more powerful card. but only by a small margin. and if you plan on playing the hell out of crysis or anything that uses physx, the the 260 is the way to go.
  2. I play COD MW 2 mostly and left for dead, any suggestions?
  3. neither games are particularly GPU intensive, and as far as i know, neither favor a certain brand.

    its really a judgement call though. both cards are very similar. i would go for the 4870, since from my experience it has the edge.

    have you considered a 5xxx series card though? iu dont know about pricing where you are, but a 5770 isnt a bad price. similar or better than a 4870 for a good price.
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