How to enable wireless on hp laptop

HP dv7-3057NR / Asking for my bro.
Where the heck is the switch to enable wireless?
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  1. Maybe it's just disabled in windows and not by a switch. It would be easy enough to find if it was the switch.
  2. Thanks. I think we checked that. I've never had an HP so I'm lost. My Acer has a button than can't be missed.

    I was at my bro's just after he bought the HP and had no problem getting the wireless @ Starbucks.
  3. Please help me. My brother says there is no button on his HP anywhere
    to turn on the wireless :-(
  4. I don't know where it is w/ HP either. But I have seen some other laptops (e.g., Acer) where the icons just above the functions keys of the keyboard look like they're only lights, but can actually be depressed to toggle wireless on/off. Look for a symbol like (()) and see if you can push it.
  5. Thanks / I guess he's out of town on buisness, but I'll have him check those lights
    this weekend.
  6. I never did receive an answer from this forum, but here it is. There's an icon light above the keybord that is actually a button that when pushed will enable / disable the wireless.

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