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I was told that the c-60 processor (apu) was "integrated" or sautered onto the motherboard. I was hoping someone here could tell me otherwise, or that the customer support guy didn't know what he was talking about. I wanted to replace it with a higher ghz a6 apu model, but if this is the case, I will be personally unable to do so. Since, most likely, I will be unable to upgrade the apu, I was wanting to find out if I could overclock my A0722. Any advice or suggestions would be appreciated!
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  1. Customer support guys RARELY know what they're talking about. When I was in Iraq with nothing to do (due to immenent base closure and a night shift) I went on to websites just to mess with them, asking questions I knew were easy to answer, but wouldn't be in their answer lookup fact sheet. (what is the cooling block for this product made out of?)(they always said plastic)
    ...anyway, laptops, with the exeption of expensive ones with desktop-type processors, always have the cpu and gpu soldered on the motherboard, and there is no way to 'safely' overclock them, or upgrade them.
  2. Well, I've taken apart a few older dell inspirons, and they didn't have them sautered on... Is that unique to dell? I guess I'll just have to crack my laptop open and find out, because its killing me not knowing absolutely for sure! You don't think just overclocking it a few ".'s" of a ghz will hurt? Or is this just taboo? or...?
  3. No one I know has ever overclocked a laptop, and whenever someone on these forums asks, the unanimous answer is not to do it.
    I can't remember clearly, but aren't inspirons desktops? Those don't get soldered.. If they were laptops, then I am impressed that they were upgradable. The whole idea with them being soldered on is so people will send them in for repairs rather than replacing the parts themselves for a lower cost.
  4. No, Inspirons are actually laptops! I wonder, is there ANY way to boost my processing power? An external processor?
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    A few mhz WOULD hurt. To futher deter you, the bios on dell computers are, and always have been locked. There is no way to safely change the voltage, timings, or anything except maybe fan speeds, or hard drive priorities.
    There are some programs that can bypass this, though you need to know specifics about the board, like the serial numbers of the foxconn components used for the voltage regulators.
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