I have an old computer, probably around 2002. It uses ide ribbons, but without really thinking about it i bought a new hard drive. Is there any way this hdd will work?
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    i assume you got a sata HD when your MB uses IDE. you can buy this: its the cheapest card i could find on newegg.

    bestbuy also sells these cards, you must make sure you buy a PCI card and not a PCI-E card.
  2. Sadly i'm leaving for college and wouldn't have time to install it before i leave. I'll have to just wipe the original hdd then. It had a virus in the past that deleted the os, so will i need to load the os, then wipe the hd so the virus is gone and then reload the os again?
  3. Just clean install the HDD, the OS will format the drive and wipe any virus
  4. alright appreciate the help! Thank you.
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  6. one thing you could do is use a partition tool to split the current HD you have before you format. backup the data you want to that partition then format and reinstall. its a messy and complicated way to do thigns and you need to make sure you clean your files for viri but it can be done. worth a shot. only adds a few hours to your over all repair time
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