500 errors into 1 error?

Hi, I have been running memtest on different sets of ram over the last few months...

I did not run memtest on my original elpida 1333mhz ram. It was 3gb, and I never had a problem outof it.

Wanted to upgrade so I purchased some ocz gold 1600 3x2gb with no xmp profiles, set its configuration perfectly, and I would get bluescreens. When I ran memtest, it would show countless errors ..50 or more... within minutes of testing. I tried many combinations of timings and voltages trying to find a stable number but everything else was worse so I just stuck with the 8-8-8-24-88 for just 1 bluescreen every couple of weeks.

Finally this week I decided to take care of the problem and I bought a 3x2 set of corsair dominator 1600 ram. Now that I am running memtest on this... It takes about 30 minutes to get an error which is -alot- better than the OCZ. I am using XMP with everything else at default. There is no overclocking. 1 error in 30 minutes is alot better than 50 errors in 3 minutes.... but still, why can't I have 0 errors like everyone else? Am I just that unlucky with ram or is this typical? I have tested each stick seperately for the same results... I'm starting to wonder if its the motherboard or the cpu itself... but if thats the case, then why is this ram working better than the ocz?

Any tips appreciated. thanks
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  1. Was a little vague, sorry

    p6t v2
    ddr3 pc12800
    i7 920
    memory is now running good *so far* on memtest at 1T... the xmp profile set it at 2T previously which resulted in errors. Still might get an error soon as its only been about 45min of testing.

    I'm not sure exactly what 1T vs 2T is except that it does have something to do with stability and how it runs the ram
  2. Before anyone else gets a headache over my delima,

    As i said in the last post that I had changed the timing to 1T from 2T after I posted this thread... It turns out that was the fix. Ran memtest all night with 0 errors. 2 different memtests with 2000mb per profile and a 3rd for the rest of the ram.

    So I can say if you have a P6T V2 and dominator 3x2 1600 and the problems I had, try the XMP profile, everything else at auto, and just change the 2T to 1T

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