Service Pack 3 Install Kills Computer

I'm trying to get an XP Pro with Intel P4 3.2, Intel 875PBZ mobo, 2G RAM back in service. I'm trying to run Windows Update, every time I install Service Pack 3 from the Windows Update website, the computer will not reboot, a black screen comes up.
It's a legit OEM Windows OS, it runs fine until SP3 comes into play.
Thank goodness for disc cloning software.
Any ideas(besides not installing SP3)?
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  1. Many people had the same problem and the bugs have never been addressed.
    Some computers run the updates, some do not.
    Don't be obsessed with installing SP3, or updates.
    There is no real advantage.
  2. Thank goodness for disc cloning software. :lol: :D

    Any blue screens, beside the black one?
    Ok, I'm guessing you're already runing your Windows on sp2 again.
    Here is something similar,
    from sp2 to sp3 ,the regfix part, but unfortunatelly, I haven't had the chance to test this yet.

  3. No blue screens, no looping, just a black screen on reboot after SP3 install.
    There are so many problems this service pack causes, I don't know where to start. Since I have an Intel CPU, I can rule out the AMD specific issues I guess.
    I've downloaded the service pack and will try to install it in Safe Mode, disconnected from the internet and with NOD32 AV disabled. If it doesn't work, screw it, no more updates for the trusty XP rig.
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