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I bought this rig Oct. 2008. I want to upgrade some parts so I can play L4d2 and COD:MW2 smoothly. I feel like the 720 has some more life left in it.

AMD Phenom II X3 720@3.1

Antec earthwatts EA430 430W

G.SKILL 2GB 240-Pin DDR2


PNY GeForce 8800 GT 512MB

I will need to get a new psu for a new gpu, due to not having enough 6-pins.

Ive been reading around and looking at the SBM's. Im just not sure what to do. Any tips would help.
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  1. Don't buy a PSU that is only adequate for the present. Let this be a lesson.

    Corsair 650TX
    (Seasonic built)

    Monitor res?

    4890 - a bit faster than the 5770 but no DX 11
  2. My res is 1920*1080. I was looking at that 4890 card. both of these cards would be a huge step up from my 8800gt i think.
  3. My biggest concern is will it be smarter to start from scratch or upgade my graphics?
    Ive always done budget building but I kind of want to step up and get a great machine. Not to great but around $1000.
  4. If you want a great gaming machine, get a new PSU (per above) 5850 (along with everyone else scrambling to find one in stock)

    Another option would be to get the 5770 and NO power supply. The 5770 only takes one 6 pin. It will still be significantly faster than your 8800. I replaced a 9800 with a 5770 and it is a substantial improvement (though not doubling like a 5850 would be).

    Another smaller improvement is to replace the CPU with a PhenomIIx4 955. Some games that would help on and some not.
  5. dnd is correct,i went from a 955b.e. x4 to a 710x3 with my diamond 5850 and noticed no difference in games. benches went down, but duh... the triple cores work well. get a 5770 and you can keep the power supply. or get the 5850 and a 600watt psu and be setting pretty.
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