Connect PCI audigy to case headset / mic ports?

I have a NZXT Hades case that has audio ports on the top for a headset and mic.

Is there anyway to connect the case headset / mic connections to my pci sb audigy?

If I use the on board sound they work fine, but I currently have it disabled in the bios.

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  1. If your Audigy has a FP Audio connector, switch the cable from your motherboard to the sound card.
    If your Audigy does not have FP Audio connections, you are kinda SOL :/

  2. Found the answer:
  3. Fun but an extreme waste of cash.
    I would highly recommend adding $13 to the cost of that adapter and getting a new ASUS Xonar DS.
    It has a native FP Audio jack, MUCH better sound quality, more features, better drivers and support for all newer OS'.
    It really is a much better option than getting an overpriced adapter for a quite old sound card.
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