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I'm trying to repair my old computer which has had shutdowns and freezes for months now, but I can't find the cause for them.

It first happened during a linux update and made my *OS crash afterward. after a few attemps at reinstalling linux, I tried for several potential causes without sucess.

I checked the memory by running memtest, no error was found but the computer had shutdowns after 30 minutes of memory test. The same happens when I change the memory sticks, or the memory slot used, so obviously it's not memory.

I checked the cpu temperature right after crash and it's around 40°C so it's not cpu heating.

I formatted hard disk and tried with another HDD but nothing changes, so it's not hard disk either.

freezes happen after a while (approximately 30 minute) even when removing all unnecessary components (leaving only graphic card, motherboard, CPU, power block, RAM, and first HDD) so the problem should come from one of those and it's not that my power block is not power full enought (480W)

any idea of what I could check next?

I don't have any spare motherbord/graphic card or CPU to test them, I think I'll try to change the power block, see If it improves...

Thanks in advance for any help
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  1. If its shutting down while running memtest you have problems. I would test with another PSU if possible, it might have enough juice to power the system but it might be defective. If you're sure it's not overheating and the sticks are good (have to take you at your word), its also possible you have a short in one of the dimm slots but I would test with another PSU first.
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