Is power supply causing instability?

OK so basically I have a cheap cpu/motherboard.... My cpu is a Celeron e3400/Motherboard is a ASRock G31m-s r2.0(NO VCORE ADJUSTMENT!!! D:<).I've been trying to overclock it to at least 3.3GHz which everything ive seen online says you can get that on stock voltages and such.

Right now my i have it at 3.1GHz which is the max i can get stable (3.2 boots and runs for a bit but i get a BSOD with prime95 or a few minutes of game play), the multiplier is 13 and my fsb is at 245 and i set the fsb jumper on the motherboard to what the manual told me to set it to if im running ddr2 800 ram and am going to overclock. I have spread spectrum disabled and the power saver stuff disabled as well in the BIOS.

Now im starting to think it may be my power supply cause the people that say they get 3.3 no prob have the same motherboard/cpu but higher wattage psu. Mine is which is 485watts. I do have a gpu installed that takes a 6pin power connector(its a xfx radeon hd 6770 oc a bit). So im thinking i may not have enough power to overclock it any further. Do you guys think this could also be the issue?

I am going to upgrade once i can but i cant for a while so im stuck with it and wont overclock my cpu anymore until i can upgrade my shtuffs.
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  1. I doubt if your problem is power.

    My guess is either bad memory settings or you have reached your core speed limits at that voltage. All CPU's are a little different.

    If your FSB freq is 245 MHz, your memory clock should be twice that - 490 MHz for an FSB:RAM ratio of 1:1.
  2. FSB:RAM ratio is 4:5 and my is at 312.6MHz atm since i just changed its option to auto and it lowered it some. Basically when i changed those jumpers it lowered the 2 options i have in the ram settings so when i overclock it its not as extreme im guessing. which after i did that it did make it a bit more stable. Also when you say it should be double the FSB do you mean I should set it so it runs at 490MHz or are you just giving an example of it doubling? Another thing, may be a noobish question but, is there a way to adjust the FSB:RAM ratio?
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