Help with upgrading my graphics card.

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Alright, I need to upgrade my graphics card because mine is just DREADFUL. Not only is it a really old low end media card, but it's broken so it's not even functioning as it should be. I saw an ATI 5750 for £107 on Novatech, so that's the highest price I want to go to. ($170 for Americans.) Prefered websites to buy from are, and, so if you are going to post a link could it be from one of those websites please.

My current rig:
Windows 7 Ultimate 32-Bit
2 x 1GB DDR2 Ram
Pentium D 3.4 GHz
Radeon X1300/X1550 series card (Device manager says this, not sure which one it is. Slot is PCI-E X16 v1.0)
350W power supply

I really want a card that's going to last 2-3 years before I have to start running things on lowest settings again. I'm hoping for games like Dragon Age, Mass Effect 2, and Source engine games to run at Medium to High settings at a 1440x900 resolution. During the 2-3 years that I'll keep this card, I'm hoping to upgrade my Ram to 4 or 8gb, and my processor to a Duo or a Quad, so if my processor bottlenecks the card a bit that's alright.

Thank you.
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  1. That cpu will bottleneck more than a bit so you may want to wait until you upgrade the processor to bother with a new card.
    Are you sure your motherboard can handle core2duos? If so for about £120 you can get an HD4770 and an e5200 or e5300(both are great for overclocking if that's an option.) You should be able to play those games fine maxed out at your resolution. I don't know about that set-up lasting 2-3 years but considering how little you spent to begin with an upgrade sooner than that should be more palatable.
    Also the price of DDR2 ram has been steadily rising(its about doubled at this point) so you may want to get another 2 gigs sooner rather than later.
  2. You must upgrade your PSU too... :)
    Well, you get what you paid for...
  3. not the easiest question m8...

    imo a CPU will be your next bottleneck for sure , thats one core processor isn't it?
    what's your motherboard? --if your mobo is socket LGA775 and supports dual core CPU, you d buy one for 50eur (new E5200 or used E7200).

    then graphics.. PCI-E 1.0 is supported by PCI-E 2.0 mobos so you d go for a very nice graphics card IF THE CPU IS ADEQUATE:
    and my best suggestion is ATI 4770 HD because it has best money value, nicely goes OC, and if I m not wrong, it uses almost half less power than HD4850, which is probably perfect for your present PSU of 400W?
  4. That's a good idea actually. I just saw on a 4770 for £80, which is below budget. The e5300 though, how can I be sure that it will fit on my motherboard? (Not sure what my motherboard model is.) Also, if I buy the 4770 now, I can't get the processor until about January, so how badly will my processor bottleneck a 4770?

    Pentium D is a two core Pentium 4.

    And if I need to upgrade my PSU, is it worth buying a 600W PSU with a 4770, and then later upgrading to an e5300?
  5. sorry.. 350W could be enough for hd4770 if its known brand PSU?
  6. crap power supply get an antec,pc power & cooling,corsair,seasonic,delta,etasis power supply instead and get the 4850 its a bit more powerful then the 4770 for bout the same price, and you should check if you board supports the e5300
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