OS installation freezes

Recently bought a new build, but all OS's I have tryed to install have froze. Windows 7, Vista and XP. Ive switched the graphics card, switched the disk drives, flashed the BIO's, swapped the RAM around (yet to run memtest), tryed installing both 64 bit and 32 bit, switched the HD over to this PC and installed 32 bit to it fully functional.

Anyone have any clue as to whats wrong?
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  1. It could be anything, but making sure the memory works properly should have been the first step.
  2. Try installing with only 1 stick of ram. Its the usual culprit. If it fails again, try just the other one. If it succeeds, then you know which is the bad ram.
  3. I've tryed that skora, still froze both times.
  4. For some reason it wont let me edit my post, so heres my specs.
  5. memtest it next. could be a mobo dimm issue, or an actual defective memory controller on the CPU.

    The HDD is ruled out cuz you're using it on the backup computer now?
  6. Stop posting the same question in multiple places please.
  7. Sorry, didnt really know which to post in.

    Ill be trying memtest later tonight hopefully.
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