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What is a locked profile?? Mozilla Firefox wants me to upgrade against locked profiles. Why?? I don't know what they are talking about. I either read items of interest from around the world, talk to family as I would on that old fashioned telephone and tell McAfee security how to do their business since I have been stolen and returned through Mozilla 2x's in 10-15 days but they can't catch them.
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  1. I would delete the current version of mozilla, and install the new version. Don't save the data, start over.
    I would not use McAfee, and change to a better antivirus.
    I would not use a free antivirus either.
    Just saying, you may have some malware circulating in mozilla.
  2. They probably want U to upgrade since there had been crashes on some firefox older versions when U have a locked profile.

    See here what is locked profile:

    Somehow you have personalized settings .
    U should check the settings and reset them to default.
    If the problem is still there, U can uninstall firefox, restart and download and install it again.

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