New build parts - HELP

I will be buying from this store.
I will have about $650 MAXX no more then that. What are the BEST parts FROM THAT STORE for the buck.
Has to be AMD, if possible DDR3, if not then its okay. Decent video card because I game ALOT.

So please go on that website and choose the best setup for me. PLEASE (:
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  1. mfarrukh said:

    thanks for your time looking this up for me. Can you make another setup for me please? Just another possibility? PLEASE?
    CPU AMD ATHLON IIX4 620 2600MZ AM3 95W x 1
    AMD DDR3 Gigabyte Motherboard GAMA785GMTUD x 1
    Memory KINGSTON 4GB (2X2G) DDR3-1333 (KVR1333D3N9K2/4G) x 1
    Video Card Powercolor Video Card AX4770/512MD5 x 1
    Sound Cards Onboard Audio x 1
    Hard Drive Seagate 500GB SATA 3GB 7200RPM,16MB CACHE, x 1
    Optical Drive 1 LG 22X DVD RW w/ Lightscribe +- Dual Layer Serial ATA x 1
    Network Adapter Onboard Network Adapter x 1
    Case Antec Sonata Family Sonata III 500 PIano Black Quiet ATX Mid Tower x 1
    Warranty Free extend to total 3 years parts and labor warranty with purchase any Windows OS x 1
  3. double post, the above does not have a psu, sorry.
  4. that setup with at x2 II 250 and different cheaper case with window and PSU and it will be 650$
  5. That would make a decent gaming rig, the 4770 does the trick at least with 1680x1050.
    I would do what you could to keep the quad core amd 620. Its what 30 more dollars ?
  6. ok thx.
    I need more sugestions people!
  7. What OS will you be using? Or do you need to purchase one? Assuming you have an OS:

    Asus MidTower Case (TA-D54/NPS) $39.99

    Cooler Master HYPER TX 3 $24.99


    500W Cooler Master Extreme Power RS500-PCARA3-US $48.99

    Western Digital 320GB SATA II 7200RPM 16MB(WD3200AAKS) $54.99

    Powercolor Video Card AX4850/1GBD3 $134.99

    KINGSTON 2X2GB DDR3 1600 CL9 $123.99

    MSI AM3 Motherboard 770-C45 $87.99

    AMD ATHLON IIX4 620 2600MZ AM3 95W $112.99

    Total: $649.91 CAD
  8. One thing for sure is that I will be going for the x4 620.
    And I already have windows 7 x64
    Even more sugestions plz
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