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Hi all, I need a laptop for video editing I need some help building a laptop "system." I've real a lot so I have a pretty good understanding on CPU and memory for video editing. However, the next step is where I need your expertise! I am planning on mainly using Adobe Premiere and After Effects; 1/3 time HD....SD 2/3 of the more than 2 (rarely 3) videos in a single time line. I basically would like to edit in real time (or close to it).

First, I understand that a good typical graphics card doesn't help greatly in video editing, but should I get a video card from Matrox, Blackmagic, AJA? I would have to get an external version but I heard these help greatly. Is this true? If so, which model is the best value?

Second, the consensus among the video editing board is that I can improve my performance using multiple hard drives configured raid 0/1/5. However, since this is a laptop, is this possible to build a similar hard drive configuration with external eSATA hard drives?

Please help!!!! Thanks!
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  1. 1. I highly recommend you build a desktop for a MUCH cheaper price than a similerly speced laptop if editing HD vids.

    2. Yes, RAID helps, but AFIK there are no RAID for eSATA.

    3. As for graphics, no. It dosen't help much. As long as it has dedicated graphics card it should be fine. ATI and nVidia cards are fine. Matrox,etc are mainly workstation cards used for CAD and renderings systems.
  2. about a Mobile work station?

    Also, then what is the benefit to Matrox type of cards for video editing?
  3. ^There really isn't much benefit for Matrox cards for vid editing. Your LCD is more important than your card. As for mobile workstation, what do you mean exactly? A PC in a small case like a Shuttle case?
  4. Ok. I guess I am kinda stuck.

    Thanks so much for your help!
  5. If you're still thinking of getting a laptop you might want to check out this deal:

    You can get $400 off an HP laptop with an i7 CPU. I just ordered one of those laptops for my brother in law who will be using it for CAD work. I got it with the i7 CPU, 8GB of RAM, and a whole bunch of upgrades and accessories including Microsoft Office 2007. The total came to about $1,350 after tax and shipping. That's a GREAT deal IMO.
  6. Thanks! I will look into this!
  7. +1 for the logicbuy deal.
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