$700-$1,100.00 Graphic Designs and Gaming PC

Hello fellas,

I'm looking for some recommendations for a new computer build.

Only good hardware retailer site I know of right now is Newegg.com. As I remember a few others had i7 Processors for cheaper.

I'm looking to use the following case.


I would like to use Windows 7 and an Intel i7 processor, though I'm open to i5 processor and possibly an Phenom II.

As for the mobo, graphic card, ram, hard drive, etc. I'm open to ideas.
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  1. Similidon is supposed to be a decent case.

    for an i7 920 system
    i7 920 is $280 at newegg. If you are near a microcenter you might be able to get it for $200.
    ASRock x58 Extreme motherboard ($170)
    3x2GB DDR3-1333 low voltage (1.5-165) RAM ($150ish)
    Samsung F3 500GB HDD ($55)
    OCZ Fatality 550W Modular PSU ($65-MIR)
    XFX Radeon 5770 GPU ($180)
    Similidon $85

    Monitor may be a problem. I think graphics monitors and gaming monitors want different specs. An OK 22inch 1380x1050 gaming monitor can be as low as $150. I'm not sure if you need better color for graphic design, which generally means slower response times which is bad for gaming.

    That should get you started. Start building a wishlist at egghead and post the links here.
  2. Thanks for the reply. For the same price (after mail in rebate) you can get the same case with a 500 watt power supply for the same price. Not sure if that is enough power though.

    As for mobo, I never know what to do. Figure they all function the same, all that varies is reliability.

    I liked the looks of this one because its green and would match case, http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16813136066

    Can you use a Micro ATX mobo in a ATX case?
  3. I have a DFI Lanparty 790. DFI seems to make a solid overclocking board and their tech support is pretty responsive to emails. I am pretty happy with them.

    The main things to look at in motherboards is enough PCIEx16 slots for the number of graphics cards you plan on expanding to. Thats also mainly what dictates the power supply needs.

    What 500 Watt power supply? I cant recommend accepting a junk generic power supply. Inconsistent power will make your system flakey with inexplicable strange problems. Bad power can even damage other components in the system.

    Go to Raidmax web site and download the case manual (PDF)
    Motherboard Installation
    Your Raidmax case supports the following motherboards: ATX, Baby ATX, Mini ATX and Micro ATX
  4. Thanks for the advice on the Power Supply. I'll just get the case with the default one and then order a nice one like a Corsair or a OCZ
  5. Hi chris1025,

    Have you build your system?
    I want to know how the build went.
    In the Asrock support (link) the Radeon 5770 is not listed as supported card for the Asrock x58 extereme.
  6. i wouldn't sugest a 5770 i would up it to a 5850 or even a 5870. This would future proof it way better
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