How Can I Tell If My Motherboard Supports My Processor??


im upgrading my emachines w3650, which i realize could be a bad idea, considering its an emachine, but can anyone tell me how to figure out what type of processor i can use? i want to play games like L4D and Fallout 3 and everything is up to date other than the processor, also im on a budget, but all help would be greatly appreciated.
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  1. You would have to check with eMachines to see what CPU's their BIOS supports. According to this spec page your machine has an Intel Celeron 440 CPU. Does that sound right?

    The Celeron 440 is a 65nm LGA 775 chip. I would say older 65nm dual core Core 2 Duo chips would work, but eMachines would have to confirm that. One problem is the 800MHz FSB of the Celeron chip. Even older 65nm chips normally used a 1066MHz FSB.

    Gaming performance is determined mainly by the graphics card. What graphics card do you have and what resolution do you game at?
  2. Chipset says the highest it could support is this:

    But you'll still need to check with emachines to see what the BIOS will support, as shortstuff said.

    If you find out the e4600 is supported, might be worth checking out ebay, there's one going cheap with a few days left.
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