URGENT HELP new i7 build in the next 48 hours

i am building a new i7 computer. i have no idea what connectors i need for it or what parts are needed and i want this computer build to be somewhat future proof and be able to play all games on high with programs running in the background.

stuck between the i7 950

and the 920 core.

someone help me build a pc. my current pc died on me today and now im using a bad laptop. help is appreciated. budget is around 1000 dollars but can go up to 1300ish
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  1. DO NOT buy the 950 - its a horrible waste of money, its just and overclocked 920. You can over clock the 920 yourself and sale $300.
  2. well i dont know how to overclock and im not a computer expert thats why i was considering the 950.
  3. Even at that. You won't even notice a increase in speed with the higher clock speed. You, in all honesty, can not tell tell the difference between 2.66 and 2.8.
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