Motherboard makes NASTY DIKS LIKE sound

I've a ASUS P4t DELUXE V2 and a older Gigabyte motherbord.

I almost panic'ed as I heard a constant skweerling, beleiving on or another disk had crashed.

It comes out of the speekers !!!!. kill the output and th sound disapears.....
THe sound follows the disk activity, on high disk load it similutes the noise of the disks
this occurs on both motherboards.....

I had hoed for an asus Quality board with quality 4 channel sound, getting this skeerking noise following disk load is
very nasty

I can almost not beleive this is a virus or other software doing this.....

I susspect power problems and power consumption noise ...

having a corsair 650 Wat addapted power supply needed for the special pin with the motherboard
and a disk load of 5 1 terra samsung SATA hard disks
12 giga of memory
no overclocking

the gigabyte machine runs XP (hypertread old machine )
1 600 giga sata
ok this is a high load but nothing gets to hot.....

any suggestions ????
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  1. Are you speakers shielded? Is there a fluorescent light near the speakers? What make and model? Have you muted the mic in sound manager?
  2. use standard sound cables (freq 25khz to low for interference)
    no fluorecent light but do not uderstand

    no mic arround
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