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I have a Gateway DX100S computer with an Intel (South Lake 3 G5) 915GV motherboard. The motherboard part number is WMEOEM915GVSEG5. My problem is that the fans seem to not be controlled or altered by CPU temps. My Celeron D 2.88 MHz, which I know does run a little hot, is running around 45 deg. C at idle..with the side panel off... in my unheated basement! The CPU fan, which blows across the heatsink, is not mounted directly on the heatsink.
I removed the heatsink and scraped off the overly applied heatsink compound, and re-applied a thin layer, but the results were the same. In the BIOS, there is a setting to enable or disable the auto fan control and when I disable, the fans run at full speed, dropping the CPU temp but raising the fan noise, and when it is enabled, the fan speed runs between 500 and 650 RPM. I looked for a BIOS update, but the current version is the newest.
Any thoughts other than an outside fan controller or possibly a heat sink mounted fan (even then if there is a problem with the motherboard's fan controller would it really help)?
Thanks! are the specs of the fan controlling system on the MB as per the Gateway website!
Heceta 6E Hardware Monitor Subsystem Internal Ambient Temperature Sensing
Monitor power supplies (+5 V, +3.3 V, +1.5 V, +Vccp, +3.3 VSB)
SMBus interface used to access the ASIC
WATCHDOG™ Comparisons of all monitored values
Remote Thermal Diode Sensing for direct processor temperature monitoring
Discrete remote thermal diode sensor located near the 2 × 12 power connector
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  1. Anybody??
  2. I'm sorry if I offend...I'm really a great guy, once you get to know me!
  3. I don't believe it has anything to do with offending anyone it's just that sometimes a hardware specific problem may not have been encountered by many others.

    Sometimes the ones that may be able to help simply haven't had the time to post a response yet.

    Sometimes we just don't know the answer.

    I read your post quite some time back but didn't have a solution other than to suggest that maybe your board was faulty.
  4. I was just trying to find humor in the fact that no one was posting. I realize this is very specific problem and that the likelihood of someone else having the exact same problem was slim, but I figured I'd try. I hope I didn't sound like a whining child waiting for supper, I just thought I'd fill the space with a little humor.
    I noticed that the thread was read a lot and I thank you all for doing so. If you don't have an answer, thats OK, I appreciate you reading!
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