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hi all,i have gigabyte GA-Z68AP-D3 motherboard,i am trying to install win xp pro x64bit,but after system load file,i get "a disk error has occured" press ctrl+alt del. I think this has to be some BIOS settings which need checking,can someone assist with the instalation
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  1. Download the GA-Z68AP-D3 motherboard PDF manual

    and check Chapter 5, Section 5-1-2 on page 91, read under B. Installing Windows XP, for the procedure to follow before installing Windows XP (32 or 64 bit)
  2. thanx chicano srry for late rply,had network issues,ok i went through the steps in manua, prblem is i am required to use floopy disk but i dnt have that,infact i thiught they are supposed to be faced out by now,cnt i use a flash/memory stick? if so,how do i direct bios to load the drivers from flash?
  3. Yes you can use a USB flash memory to load the SATA drivers.. the USB flash drive may not even have to be made bootable (it's not mantioned in the ehow article) but making it will ensure it is accessible during the Windows XP installation. Check the links on how to make a USB flash memory bootable. Use the method you find easier. Also check the ehow link on how to install the drivers from a USB flash drive.

    USB function is enabled by default in the BIOS (page 49 in the manual), so the USB flash memory should be detected immediately... the only setting you may have to check is the boot priority in the BIOS> Boot Menu (page 46).. just check USB flash is included... the boot priority makes no difference since the first boot device should be the CD/DVD drive and the USB flash would be accessible from the Windows XP installation CD...

    How to Install SATA Drivers Using USB

    How To Make Bootable USB

    Free Utility To Make Your USB Pen Drive Bootable
  4. thank u again chicano,but make bootable usb did not recognize my drive but i found alternative,i copied the sata drivers from motherboard cd then copied xp files from cd to a folder,then combined the two using nlite and created new image file with sata drivers, which i burned to cd and boot from it, all files and drivers were now loaded.it worked nicely and smooth!!! :D
  5. Yes, that would definitively do it... so would have configuring the BIOS (from SATA mode) to IDE Mode (or IDE Native, or IDE Legacy).. and later installing the SATA drivers from Windows XP. Sorry I didn't think of it before... in any case, congratulations!.
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