Wireless internet drops off and on.

Okay, so I have a wireless home network that 3 laptops and a desktop run off of. The day before yesterday we had a pretty bad rainstorm that did not cut off power or anything, but since then, the internet has been going on and off. I have DSL. Here are some basic facts:
It happens with all computers, so it's not a network card issue.
The internet runs fine for 15 or 20 minutes, then suddenly gets very slow. Then, it stops entirely for about two minutes. Then it resumes working normally, and repeats the cycle again.
When it disconnects, the wireless signal icon in my task bar shows a very low signal.
When I disconnect and reconnect the modem, it solves nothing, but when I disconnect and reconnect the wireless access point, it works fine for about an hour until the problem sets in again.

This is very problematic as I'm a gamer and it causes quite a nuisance. I'm guessing it's maybe a problem with the access point, but I'm not too sure, and I'm not sure if the storm had anything to do with it. This isn't really my house, it's my step-grandfather's and I just moved in here 2 months ago and am not too familiar with the setup.

If anymore information is required, just ask. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

EDIT: I never "disconnect" from the wireless network with the internet stops working, it still shows me as connected but with a very low signal.
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  1. When it disconnects I'd look and see if the modem light for DSL is solid. If it's not then it's the provider.

    The stuff you mention sounds like it could the the router. I've seen some routers die where they will reset themselves now and then. Some cheap routers will get bogged down, and the internet stops, but it doesn't come back without resetting the router itself.
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