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I've never been the kind of guy to care for my PC as long as it worked. I then realised that it's not the best pc and something may happen to it eventually. Yesterday, after hours of playing World of Tanks, suddenly some pixels got distorted and I thought maybe the PC was way too hot and i turned it off. A couple hours later I started it off again, having in thought getting a program that will let me view the temperatures. The cause I suspected for the distorted pixels event was the graphics card, but I never got the answer. I got myself SpeedFan and let my pc on standby. It had 74 average degrees celsius while on standby, and I thought: "This isn't normal, is it?". My friend told me to increase fan speed, and I did that through SpeedFan, but the temperature from the cores got low only on standby. While starting World of Tanks again, the cores seemed to hit 95 degrees and the graphics card hit 51. Today, I remembered i've seen tons of dust on my PC, so I removed the case and took a look around. The heat sink on both the graphics card(I own a crappy GT220) and the cpu(Intel core i5 760) was full of dust, and so were their fans. I removed the heat sink along with the fan from my cpu and cleaned the dust off completely, and put it back on. I did the same with the graphics card. I turned the PC on and checked speed fan. On standby the cores' average temp was 50 degrees, not going lower. On the GPU however, it even hit 31, wich was great, as it didn't surpass 45 even on World of Tanks. The cores however went high and up to a 98C tops... Then, after another boot, my cores were apparently used alot and I wasn't doing anything, and they hit 99C on the speedfan, even though I knew it hit more than that, but it was unreadable. My pc turned off suddenly. I left it to cool down a bit. I then came back, knowing it would be an overheat, and turned my pc on. It made a sound like an ambulance for 3-4 seconds, then went in bios, and showed me a message such as "The cpu was shut down because of overheat". It was as I feared.

Based on what I've written above, what can be the problem of my CPU's high temperatures even on standby? I do have the intel stock and I heard it isn't really... doing anything. After I removed the heat sink I've seen just a very slight orange, showing that the cpu would have been LIGHTLY damaged,and I think the thermal paste was still there to an extent...
What can I do to fix the problem? I've been using this PC for 3 years and never thought this would have happened.
Should I buy a new fan? Or is it something else I could do.
If I have to buy a new fan, I presume it needs to fit some specifications, or else it won't fit in. Any idea what those are?
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  1. I think u should first try to repaste your cooler.. Make sure u apply the paste good.

    If that doens't do the job, u can look at an alternative cooler for your CPU.. It depends on your budget, but there are some nice (probably even more silent) CPU Coolers on the market.
  2. There is still a chance we can save your cpu, but being at those temperatures im not sure how much life it's going to have left. So here are your options, buy a cooler and see if it works out, or buy a new cpu and see how that works.

    I'm not sure how big your case is, so if it's kind of small, buy this:

    If you have a very wide Mid ATX case or a FULL ATX case, get this:

    If these don't help it, then your cpu is just dead. You can buy a new one that will work with your 1156 socket.
    Here is a list of all the 1156 CPU's you can buy.
  3. Also, don't use the thermal paste Cooler Master gives you, buy this:
  4. Actually, I came with a more inventive way of using the PC.
    I removed the case, put the pc horizontally, and removed the upper part of the case. I ran my SpeedFan and in idle, the cores are at 43 celsius average. While playing world of tanks, they hit 75 average. The GPU's still fine though, IMO. I never knew wich the thermal paste was, but when I removed the heat sink I noticed some kind of circle on top of the metal plate of my CPU(?), and I thought it was the thermal paste, and guess what, I think it's almost no more. I've seen the Arctic Silver being called the best thermal paste so I'm going to look for one of those and buy it, and apply it on my cpu. If that will not work, however, I will buy a new cooler, a proper one. I don't think my CPU is dead just yet.
  5. If you removed part of your case and your temps dropped by that much. There is something wrong with your case airflow.
  6. I don't think it's necessarily that. Because if I put the pc back in vertical stance, idle temps jump up to 70 degrees. WITH THE CASE TAKEN OFF!
  7. Because the heat from Gfx rises to your cpu before it leaves case
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