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whats better 21.5" with a 4670 card or 27" with 4850 card. would there be a big differance.
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  1. The 27" model has more screen resolution and a more powerful VGA.
    About the difference in performance,well in games a HD 4850 is noticeably faster than the 4670 also the 27" model can be configured with Core2Duo CPUs and i7/i5 CPUs whereas the 21.5" model can be configured only with Core2Duo
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    Of course, games don't matter unless you'd be running windows on it. If you're looking for a fast computer, the Imac is not the way to go. For the same price, you could get a MUCH faster computer if you went with a windows PC.
  3. the 21.5" is 1,200$ and the 27" is 2,000$

    with 2,000$ you can build a dream machine......
  4. ^+1.

    My answer: Neither. A good PC with a 4870 or better can be built for $2000.
  5. Shadow703793 said:
    My answer: Neither. A good PC with a 4870 or better can be built for $2000.
    $2000? I think you mean more like $800. To spend $2000 on a PC you'd have to go i7, HD5870, bluray burner and solid state HDs.
  6. ^Correct. That was what I was thinking.
  7. I agree that it is easy to make a better configuration for $2000. But with a 27'' IPS High res Display (that costs about $1000) is it still possible?
    I know that IPS is not the best display for all application.
  9. You have unleashed Shadow's wrath, young noob.
    (I could have sworn your name was randomizer last time)
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