Problem with Raid 0 on IS7.

I have the Abit IS7 and tryed to set up a raid 0 array but could not see the hard drives after booting from the Bios.
Do I need to install a driver even though the raid is on the IS7 motherboard...? Any thoughts are really welcome.
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  1. Did you boot from a non-RAID hard disk? What OS are you using? If Windows, did you install The Intel Matrix RAID drivers?
  2. Thankyou for reading GhislainG, The boot disk was non raided and had Windows 7 and the second drive was formated NTFS.
    I did not know about the Intel Matrix Raid driver....Frankly, I did wonder if I needed a driver you think I need that particular driver?
    Please reply...
  3. Was the controller set in RAID mode when you installed Windows 7? If not, then you need to install the Intel Matrix RAID drivers. Then you should be able to see the RAID in the Intel Matrix Storage Console.
  4. Windows 7 was already installed when I went into the Bios to switch to Raid. After a reboot I tried to reinstall Windows but it could not find the hard drives. I'm assuming I need to install the Intel Matrix drivers @ some point early on.
  5. You should be able to see the drives when you press Ctrl+I at POST to configure the RAID.
  6. Thanks GhislainG, Do I press "Ctrl + I" directly after setting raid 0 in the Bios....? Where can I find the raid driver?
    Also, I didnt know I would loose all data. Its all good tho.....
  7. You had to press Ctrl+I when setting the drives in RAID. After installing the drivers you still don't see the RAID in Windows 7?
  8. I'll try later GhislainG, Thankyou for staying with me. Lastley, Where can I find the Matrix Storage Console for win 7...?
  9. After installing the Intel Matrix drivers, you should find it under Intel Matrix Storage Manager, Intel Matrix Storage Console.
  10. Noo...I mean,Where to download it from...
  11. Download it from Intel at You probably want Intel(R) Rapid Storage Technology.
  12. I recieved this message trying to install the Rapid Storage Technology in windows 7 Ultimate.
    "This computer does not meet the minimum requirements for the software."
    A second attempt said "operating system not supported."
  13. You shouldn't get that message if the ICHxR is configured for RAID. I just upgraded my Windows Server 2008 with that version and it worked fine.

    Edit: Sorry, but I didn't realize that you were running Windows 7 on such an old motherboard. Unfortunately Intel don't provide drivers for that old 865/ICH5R chipset. It's time to consider a newer motherboard. probably won't work with Windows 7.
  14. I hope this helps, but you need to first go in the BIOS and enable RAID. BIOS' tend to differ so it's hard to say exactly how... anyway, after that it should reboot and then after POST but before Windows loading screen it'll show your drives and that's when you hit CTRL+I. That will bring you to a separate screen where you enable RAID; it will probably format your drives. After that you should be ok to boot up and install windows. I do not know if you need to first install the Matrix stuff or not because on my mobos it's simply worked and then I installed the drivers after.
  15. Thankyou Wolf ram 23, I did all that ,And yes it did format my harddrives. :(
    After I enabled RAID I booted from the DVD and tried to install but windows will not see the drives! As if they are not there...
  16. That's... wierd. Since it's clearly set to RAID, and it's been formated etc it should work. Try double checking that all the IDE stuff is disabled. It might be that even tho RAID is enabled, windows want's to find an IDE drive... possibly you have the option to set RAID to IDE or ACHI in which case set it to ACHI. (A third option might be RAID... seems redundant but it might work as well). I had these options on my MSI mobo but my ASUS does not so it depends on the BIOS.
  17. Quote:
    Thankyou Wolf ram 23, I did all that ,And yes it did format my harddrives. :(
    After I enabled RAID I booted from the DVD and tried to install but windows will not see the drives! As if they are not there...

    If you are installing Windows XP and use F6 to load the drivers for the ICH5R, does it see the drives? Windows 7 won't work because drivers are not available for the ICH5R (at least not from Intel).
  18. I won't be going back to XP. If it doesn't work in win 7 ultimate I'll be moving on.
    A sincere thanks GhislainG and Wolfram23 for your time.
  19. Sorry, but Wolfram23 and I both initially failed to check what an Abit IS7 is. Unfortunately I presumed that you were using a relatively recent system with at least an ICH7R. Since you have Windows 7 Ultimate, you could setup a software RAID which will be as fast as a fake RAID.
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