PCI-E x16 slot stuck at x2

I'm getting a problem where my PCI-E x16 slots are stuck at x2. I tried both blue slots on my P6T motherboard and both are at x2.

I have an ASUS 5850 oc'ed to 890
and an i7 oc'd to 3.5
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  1. Have you looked in the BIOS? I don't own that particular board, but it shouldn't even support x2. If the BIOS doesn't help I'd yank that sound card (I saw the other thread), and test the GPU in each one.
  2. I tried doing both already
  3. I had a similar problem, I just did some cleaning for those pci-e slot contacts on the video card (small golden ones), the chemical liquid I used was a nail polish remover, yes, it's good for cleaning electronic chips too, I just don't remember the common name for that liquid... so and then reinstalled my video card back to the slot, double checking that video card is firmly seated and its power cables.
    After that it's at x16 again!
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