Need help finding a suitable case

So I am currently putting together a new computer. Main use is mainly internet and playing movies. It is going to need a HDMI out which I intend to get via a graphics card of some discription. The problem I am having though is finding a case. The main issue is the length of the case I can use.

At maximum I can have a case thats 205mm width, 330mm Depth (320mm would be better though) and 460mm high. If anyone can help out with a possible case it would be great.

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  1. You're going to be really hard pressed to find something with that small length. It will have to be a micro board to start with. The smallest case I found was almost 14" long (355 mm). You might have some luck if the board were miniITX, but there aren't many choices there either.

    Might have better luck building your own or buying a laptop...
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