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hello there, i was wondering how can i cool my pc in a much more efficient way. i have a cooling pad made by genius. i don't think it's really doing the job since in idle i get neat 70's high 60's in temperatures. i have properly cleaned the exhaust and fan, but with no great improvement. when i play batman arkham city i really get the pc hot like mid 80's low or mid 90's. i would really like my pc to be in the 60's when in load and 50's or high 40's on idle. any ideas or help would be much appreciated. if air is not the answer what water cooling system should i go with if there is one?
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  1. anyone???????? i really need the help :(
  2. Hi, I recently had to send my N61JQ to Asus due to excessive overheating, it was hitting over 110C when working and over 90C just sitting idle. The thermal compound they use is cheap and hardens quickly. I've had mine back for a month and I already notice the temperatures creeping up again, so I know that's all they did to it.

    I would suggest investing in a tube of arctic silver or another similar premium grade thermal compound and taking your laptop apart (get a friend who knows their way around a laptop if you have trouble) and fix the problem yourself. It's not worth the trouble sending it to Asus and their worthless "repair" outlets.
  3. here is what u need mate:

    ZALMAN Notebook Cooler Model ZM-NC2000 Silver

    I had the same notebook as you and I had a Zalmann NC2000..

    Makes at least 9 degrees difference.

    worked great...

    check it out ;

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