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64 gb ssd or 128 for WoW & Windows 7?

i'm looking to get an m4 crucial ssd for WoW and windows 7 load times, would 64 gb be enough? or should i grab the 128?
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    My WoW folder right now its 26g, Windows folder is 20g, with already 46g used just on those two items not including anything in program files, and anything else you may have on the machine I would definitely go with the 128g drive.

    I could probably delete a lot of the space in the WoW from old updates and things, but regardless I would go with the 128g drive.
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  3. I agree. I went from 35GB used (of 51.6GB) to NO SPACE in about six months (had to RAID0 2x51.6GB).

    That's with NO GAMES. The Microsoft Updates, System Restore files etc add up after a while.

    Definitely about 120GB. Best deal I saw was the OCZ Agility 3.
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