Help selecting dual tuner card for new build

Last month I built a new PC to use for gaming and also to hook up in my family room to use as DVR. Here are the specs:

i7 920
AsRock Extreme mobo
Sapphire HD 5870
twin WD Caviar Black 640Gb HDDs
Windows 7 64bit

I want to add a dual tuner card to use with Dish Network in the Chicagoland area. I want to use the PC as the DVR. I also am not sure what other options I have to pick up content through the internet to use in Media Center. I am also not sure if I need additional software or if I can run everything through Media Center. Suggestions for a dual tuner card would be greatly appreciated.

You may notice I did not list a tv. I am currently shopping for that as well. It has to be right around 46" due to the entertainment center. I will use it for this PC to watch tv and movies and for gaming on the PC. I may also use it for my Xbox 360 or PS3. Any suggestions for the tv? I was looking a the Samgung and Sony sets. Do I need 60 Hz? 120 Hz? 240 Hz? LED?

Finally I am also getting a new receiver for the system but am concerned about input lag. I currently game on the Xbox 360 and PS3 on an HP md5880n 1080p DLP set with no problems. Video is running directly from source to tv (not through the receiver). Any suggestions?

Thanks for your help!
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  1. not exactly sure about "Dish Network" support, but im using a set of Compro E900F's (pcie 1x dual digital hybrid cards) - awesome card
  2. There is a set top box from Netgear, the EVA2000, that can stream Netflix and Hulu (with the PlayOn software on a computer) as well as any shared over your network and any on an attached USB drive, and it has HDMI out.

    As for a tuner card I have seen 2 others besides the one that apache_lives pointed out.

    ASUS My Cinema-PE9400
    Hauppauge WinTV-HVR-2250

    One thing I noticed about the Compro E900F was that it had a pass though for you case's power button to let your remote turn you computer on and off. Don't recall seeing that on the others.

    Be sure to check out to see what free TV you can get.

    You will have to ask DishNetwork about what cards can support their signal.
  3. Thanks for the help. After doing some more research it seems there is no way to use the HTPC for the DVR with Dish Network. Is this true?
  4. Does anyone know?
  5. Just ask Dish Network. They should be able to tell you not only if it's possible but what hardware and/or software you would need if it is.

    Click here to go to Dish Network's "Email Us" page.
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