Crappy tubing or size problem?

Problem is pretty basic. I have 2 tubes running through my computer. 2 are 3/8th's tubing and the third is 5/8ths tubing. I believe I misclicked when ordered the barbs but I went to the hardware store and made it work (between the rad and res). the problem is the 5/8's tubing is thinning out, and by that I mean it goes from a perfect 5/8ths circle to maybe 1/4 tall and 1" wide. happens over the course of a weeks time and I've replaced the tubing twice already. thoughts?
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    I'm not sure I follow- are you meaning through bends etc, it's becoming oval shaped? This is very common with thin walled tubing, thick walled tubing is much more resistant to this, but will still occur depending on the bend radius.

    However, depending on how narrow the oval becomes, it should be fine unless the tubing kinks. Otherwise, the inner volume should remain the same, it just would have a distorted shape.

    It shouldn't impact flow unless you are encountering areas where tubing kinks or opposing walls touch or collapse into each other.
  2. alright Rubix, your spot on with your interpertation. I'll just leave it be. the problem is that the tubing kinks once it get's to thin at the hard drive tray but if the inner diameter is the same I'll rig it up to work. not worried about looks, just my 66F CPU lol
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  4. I'll give you a superb tip- use zip ties around the circumference of the tubing and tighten snugly until round again. Place at intervals about 1" apart around bends to help maintain tubing integrity and circular shape. Trust me, this works incredibly well.

    This is a very old photo, but the exact same concept is used:

  5. oh, I never thought of that man! I think I have some zip ties in the back!
  6. rubix - you sure your not a handy in your household? :) nice tip mate - will keep that in mind the next time i have thin walled tubes on my H50 mod :)
  7. This is an old watercooler's trick when we didn't have all the tubing choices we do today. Most of us used the junky vinyl hardware store tubing or some kind of food-grade tubing.

    I'm a pretty handy dude- I grew up working on cars, engines, doing typical carpentry stuff here and there, etc. Mostly it's about understanding what your issue is and seeking a creative way to address that issue with what you have around.
  8. remind me to employ you when i open a firm of my own :)

    cheers rubix!
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