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  1. What's your budget?

    I would go look at ATI cards. You'll be able to get a whole lot more for the price, especially since they've new ones out.

    The 1000W PSU is overkill.
  2. I agree with MadAdmiral. You should go check out the ATi cards. The 5870 costs just 30$ more and it gives a notable performance increase in most games. Even the HD5850 is better in a number of games, and it's about 70$ cheaper also. So I'd definitely check those out if I were you. Unfortunately there's a quite long wait time for those atm.
    And that 1000W PSU is indeed overkill. ;)
    From what I've heard, you should be able to power a system with an overclocked intel core i7 920 and 2 HD5850's with a 750W corsair, for example. Well either a 750 or 850W PSU anyway. :P
  3. I was originally looking at the power supply, but switched to this one when I saw it was modular... I'll definitely think about downgrading the PSU.

    I'm also definitely going to look into the ati cards, although I did not have a good experience with the drivers on this x800pro.

    My budget is about 1500. I already have a case and a 22 inch samsung lcd (but the max resolution is 1680x1050)

    I'm open to suggestions on all of the parts.
  4. HD - That workstation drive gives great I/O but really isn'y designed to perform well in gaming. The Spinpoint F3 is where you wanna be. And all RAID is gonna get you is faster boot times.

    GFX - NVidia's cards, except for the 260 and 295 have all been outclassed by ATI models. See this and pick what fits your budget.,2464.html

    Memory - Good by for 8-8-8-24 .... But looking at the class / expense of some of your other items, should you be considering CAS 7 or even CAS 6 to have your components better matched ?

    Can't see using 1,000 watter w/ a single 285. I'd, suggest is sticking w/ nVidia, a 295 for $100 more and maybe a Corsair HX or TX-850. Otherwise a 5870 for $30 more and a 750 or even 650.
  5. Any Ideas?
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