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Okay i have windows 7 and I am trying to use 3 19" screens at once. I have a MSI K9N2 with a 780a chipset with onboard video (something like a 8500gt) and i have a 9800gt. I have one HDMI monitor connected to my 780a onboard graphics and two HDMI monitors connected to my 9800gt. I can use both at the same time, however It somehow maxes me out at 2 monitors. When i have the 780a and 9800gt enabled, then nvidia shows one display (but I have TWO) in my 9800gt and one display in my 780a chipset. If i disable my 780a onboard graphics then i can use both monitors connected to my 9800gt, but obviously not the 780a monitor. If i disable my 9800gt it shows my 780a chipset has two monitors (but it only has one DVI connector) but i can only enable the one. I cant, for the love of god, figure out how to use three screens when i am supposed to be able to use both GPUs at the same time. Its like limiting the use of my 9800gt.

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