Which fan should be push&pull? have 2 differ CPU fans

That topic thread sounds bad, lemme explain. I have a cm hyper 212 on my cpu with its stock pwm fan right now but i have a friend willing to sell me a nearly new Noctua 120mm for 10 bucks. ( Should I put this as the push or pull for the cooler?

Quick 2nd question, if I get a 4pin Y-splitter can I just plug the 3 pin noctua into one end and the coolermaster pwm fan into the other and what would happen? Would the noctua go full rpm and the coolermaster go by the pwm?

Either way I know the Noctua isn't pwm but i have a fan controller for it so I can make it any speed. I've read that even at full rpm its still really quiet and can move alot air.

Thanks again all!
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    i would put the more noisy fan as the one that pushes. my reasoning for this is that its deeper in your computer and more likely to insulate the noise.

    if i were to guess which one has the slight edge in performace, it would be putting the more powerful fan as the one that pulls. though im not really sure if it would make much difference if any
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