ASUS p8z77 Vpro BIOS has no VCCIO option

As per message title, my BIOS (version 906) does not have the VCCIO option. I've tried updating it but the option is still not there. I've read that VCCIO is also known as VTT/QPI. However, I am still unable to find it on my BIOS.

Thank you in advance!!
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  1. Hi, tiny bump.

    Just curious to know if there is anyone with the same issue or if anyone knows what is the VCCIO equivalent on this particular BIOS.

  2. yep... i have the same board and the updated to the latest bios and still cant find vccio?? im confused! :pt1cable:
  3. According to some well informed people, we change vccsa to change vccio on these boards.
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