Replacing Corsair H80 Fans

I was thinking of replacing my Corsair H80 stock fans with 2 Noctua Nh - D14 140mm fans. (140mm but with 120mm mount)

Will this work and improve airflow therefore to lowering temperatures? Lol just another of my crazy ideas ;)
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  1. 140mm fans typically run at lower RPM and lower static pressure than 120mm fans. You'd likely see worse temps if this is the case with these fans. Corsair radiators are typically high FPI and require pretty decent fans to make the most of them.

    Why not replace them with better 120 fans?
  2. Good point, srry im quite a noob at this.

    any suggestions on better 120mm fan than H80 stock fans?
  3. this one is high speed for removing a lot of heat from a radiator but it is loud.
    this one is not so fast and almost inaudible will not remove as much heat but the neighbors won't complain that your movies are too loud and it's keeping them up at night
    I hope this helps in you decision making process
  4. i was wondering

    maingear epic 180 vs Corsair H80

    which is better?
  5. itxmini said:
    i was wondering

    maingear epic 180 vs Corsair H80

    which is better?

    i dont like the pre built systems please read the HAY rubix_1011 thread to find out why. but you can build your own for about $100 more, and it will last longer.
  6. 4ryan6 has a cooling fan roundup with a lot of detailed breakdown:
  7. I've been looking to do the same thing to the corsair h100 I have planned for my future build and I've found the Noctua Fan NF-F12 to be highly recommended its not the fastest fan(1500rpm max) but because of its design it beats out corsairs stock fans while remaining near silent. You can easily google up some video reviews on them. However they are not cheap at around 23bucks per fan.
  8. If you plan to replace the fans its nice to lower the noise that Corsair is always known for..Noctua isnt bad but check this link you will be impressed...
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