I just purchased an ASUS P7H55-M Pro motherboard. I have tried multiple kinds and varieties of RAM in it. If I put 2 sticks of RAM in the Recommended slots (A1&B1 or A2&B2) the motherboard will not boot and the computer keeps restarting itself over and over at infinitum. I've tried each stick of the RAM individually in the motherboard and they all work individually in ALL the slots. They work in pairs, so long as they are not in the recommended slots. Why don't they work in the recommended slots?

Thanks in advance,

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  1. What's your system specifications? What PSU? Did you install the standoffs for the mobo?
  2. I have the standoffs and vinyl washers installed. I checked the PSU. Its good. Its just the RAM configuration. It will not work in the recommended configuration, but works in every other configuration...?
  3. :hello:

    Hi there lightshade,

    I just recived my beatiful asus p7h55-M /USB3, and I could not get any video RGB/HDMI output. :o I tried different configurations with 2 sticks of 4 Gb each of RAM, also in channel 1 or 2 and nothing seemed to work. :(

    I am about to return Mother Board, since I even tried with one other simplest kingstom 2 Gb module (1 stick) and nothing.

    I would very much appreciatte ANY info from you.

  4. :hello:

    Hi there y'all!

    Hope you can help me to find out what is going on...

    Got a brand new:

    - Asus P7H55-M/USB3
    - Intel Core i7 870 2,93 Ghz
    - Exceleram RAM 8 Gb total in two sticks of 4 Gb each.

    I followed all that wonderfull checklist and found out one single loong beep + three short beeps+silence+ short beep. Evrythg else seemed to work fine.

    Seems it is wrong memory brand & config right?

    Any help would be wonderful !!

    Thank in advance.

  5. :hello:

    Did you check asus website for motherboard compatiablity list. Find motherboard on web site on right side of screen they have compatiablity lists for cpu and memory modules for your motherboard. Hope this helps
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