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First timer here after weeks of research, reading and watching I am ready. I believe that this should be the best system for me. If anyone else has any opinons on hardware it will be appreciated. I also would like to stay at or around $500. I still need to buy windows 7 too. If the price goes really any higher I dont know if I should just go buy a computer from a box store or use what I have below.

CM Storm Scout and PSU
MoBo; DDR3 Memory; AMD Athlon 2 x4
GPU HIS 4670
HDD Barracuda 500gb

I would like to play FSX but I never really playes any computer games. I have my Consoles for that.
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  1. fyi, there is a combo w/ the DVD burner and Win7 to save you $10

    *edit: accidentally posted 32-bit win7
  2. Oh nice find. Is the system builder pack the full version? I hope so and I cant wait to start building.
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