Which RAID for VMware ?


I'm thinking of going for RAID for my MCITP studies, I'm having doubt for choosing what kind of RAID.
RAID0 ,1 or 5 ?... IMO, I dont want to get RAID 0 as there is a high possibility of failure.
And what i want to know is.. for virtual machines.. which is more important.. read or write...
if read is impt... i could get a RAID 1, quite slow for writing but double read rate..
fyi.. i dont have enough budget to get SSD :(

pls advice..

Thank you so much in advanced!!
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  1. Raid 1 will not give double read speeds. (1 drive will be hidden at all times and is a real time duplicate of the first drive)
    performance will be a little slower than 1 single drive but provide redundancy.

    I have just setup a Hyper-V envioroemnt here at work on an iSCSI attached SAN.

    i picked RAID 6 (same as raid 5 but with 2 parity drives instead of 1)

    its provided quite nice performance while still giving me the redundancy we need.

    how many drives are you looking at using?

    we currently have 8 drives (450gb SAS 15kRPM) with expandability to 12
  2. Questions.

    1. How many drives are you going to have?
    2. What will the array be used for (VM OS's only or SCRATCH Drive for CAD work)
  3. 3 harddrives..
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