Holy disappearing ATI Radeon 4000 series cards batman!!!

where are they goin?! i cant find a decent and reasonably priced 4870/4890 at all!!! 4870's were down to like $140 w/ MIR like a month before the 5000 launch. and you could even find a few 4890's at like $160. now all they've (newegg) got are like 4 cards of each left :( I was so looking forward to slightly lower prices after the 5000 launch. but now look where tht's gotten me, a crappy selection of overpriced cards (for what they offer compared to the now top of the line). I'm not goin to shell out 300+ for the 5850. and the 5770 doesnt seem to be able to really cut it for what i want. This is what i get for waiting.. :pfff:
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  1. okay so the 4 cards of each type was a bit of an exageration. But the 4870's are doin like $170, and the 4890's are like $190-200. I find that too high considering they're "old" technology.
  2. The 4850's WERE $80, the 4870's WERE $125, the 4890's WERE $160. All before rebate.

    You missed your window; though it may reappear.
  3. Keep an eye on black friday deal's. Wouldn't be suprised if there were some good deals on 4000 series radeon cards this friday/next week.
  4. Im not sure where they all went but i dont like it, i was relying on crossfiring 4850s are an upgrade option but seems it will be near impossible to do that in a few more months.
  5. ik, i think we've missed it. i was really hoping for a real steal after the launch. but the # of models at newegg was cut in like half after the launch and i dont like any of the cards (or their prices) that are there.
  6. Well, AMD has to sell the rest of their stock somehow. They'll lower it sometime.
  7. HD 4xxx cards are no longer being produced. As supply dries up, the price tends to increase. Generally speaking, at this point the longer you wait, the higher the price will be.
  8. 180.00/160.00$$ after rebate ain't bad for a 4890...after all it is superior to a GTX 260 (216) and costs less...

    XFX has a 4870 for 154.99 (free shipping)
  9. ATI stopped producing the cards, wanting to switch everything over to the 5000 series. Of course, with the shortage of 5000 series cards, ATI may have stopped production a bit early...
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