Will my PSU be adequate for today's video cards?

I have an PC Power and Cooling S61EPS 610w (http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=n82e16817703005) PSU right now. I'm about to install an i7 920 that I will overclock as much as I can possibly get to run stable. Right now I have an 8800GTS but am waiting to see what cards nVidia comes out with that will run DX11. Will my current setup be able to power such a card (I will not be running SLI) along with 2x DVD drives and 3x HDD? I've seen that what I have is actually underrated by the manufacturer (610w to 680w) but have never seen testing to prove it. I'm totally unaware of the power demands of newer cards. I'm more interested in nVidia comparisons as that's what I'm familiar with and will be using. If not, what will I need to bump up to to power everything?
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  1. With 588W of available power on the 12V rail you will have enough power to power any single GPU card easily. As long as you only plan to run a single card you are fine, you could actually run 2 lower power cards like the 5770 on there.
  2. So this is the consensus?
  3. Absolutely. You have a fairly high quality, modern PSU with plenty of power and stability on the 12V. Any single card will run fine, as will some multi-card setups (depending on how power hungry they are).
  4. You're fine. You can hook up a HD 5870 to it which uses a bout 110w - 120w of power.
  5. You are good to go, now the fun part, shopping for your new GPU! :)
  6. I have a 500W PSU by PC power and cooling with 35A +12V output. Will this be sufficient to run a radeon hd 5850? I know the specs say that the card requires a minimum 500W, but many people have complained about how their 500W PSU's can't support the 5850.
  7. With the 5850 drawing 305W from the wall underload, and your PSU being capable of providing 420W of power from the 12 volt rail you are fine, its the people who bought crappy raidmax and rosewill 500W psu who are getting into trouble.
  8. Ok, thanks, I just didn't wan't to buy a new GPU only to not be able to use it because of my power supply (not that there are any 5850's to be found anyways).
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