Ahh Which One :(

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  1. All three are good brands, but xfx has double life time thats nice :)
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    As they are all reference, i would say either the ASUS card for the voltage tweak software, or the XFX for the double lifetime warranty. Depends on if you want the max possible OC out of your card, if you do then go for the ASUS so you can up the voltage a bit.
  3. ^+1. Agreed.
  4. XFX if you want to sell later. Double Warranty means when the original owner sells to another person the warranty transfers (only once).

    Asus if you are interested in overclocking.

    Sapphire if Asus and XFX are no longer in stock.
  5. Oh an guys should a 550w corsair psu be able to run it just fine? (no crossfire)
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